Built to feed the world

Built to feed the world

At Lineage, we're driven by getting food where it's needed most

There’s an entire industry working behind the scenes daily to safely store and move food to the world’s growing population. At Lineage, we have the innovations, global connections and integrations to do just that. We’ve created state-of-the-art technology to distribute more food to more places more efficiently. And do it sustainably. As a leading cold storage and logistics provider, our end-to-end solutions help keep your food safe, your costs in check and your customers happy. Together, we can work to achieve our mission of feeding the world.

Disrupt the status quo through innovation

From cutting-edge technology to our industry-recognized team of applied scientists, we’re always looking for new ways to change the game for the better.


Powering efficiencies with sustainability

Whether it’s supporting our communities or creating a blueprint for more sustainable food logistics, we’re committed to building a sustainable future for all.

Taking Action

Putting our technology to work

Our team is using data science and innovative solutions to solve problems in more ways, every day.

Taking Action

This is what a path to an earth-friendly cold chain looks like

Real action drives impactful results. Investing in our facilities and reimaging our transportation plans are paying dividends for our planet.


108 MW

IN THE U.S. AS OF Q4 2022*

Lineage is the fifth largest corporate user of installed, on-site solar capacity in the U.S.*

*2022 Lineage Sustainability Report




Lineage’s Colton, CA facility is our first facility to produce 100% of its own energy consumption on-site on a net basis via linear generators and solar power.*

*2022 Lineage Sustainability Report


Our end-to-end global cold chain solutions help our customers feed the world more efficiently

Lineage is here to make your warehousing and logistics easier. View our end-to-end services for warehousing and integrated solutions.

Exterior of warehouse at sunset
Global Warehousing

Access the world's leading cold storage facility network and connect to major markets, ports and transportation hubs across the globe.

Man in high-vis jacket walking in front of a Lineage truck
Global Integrated Solutions

Tap into our strategic and technology-driven transportation solutions to bring efficiency to your business. 

Where can we help you feed the world?

We’ve built a global network of tech-forward, strategically located facilities to best serve our customers. Count on Lineage to preserve, protect and optimize the distribution of your food. We’re your trusted, go-to partner for everything cold chain.


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