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Safeguarding the world's food


Safeguarding the world's food

Leverage our strategically-connected cold storage network

Lineage leads the industry with a network of over 450 strategically located facilities, including port-centric locations in key markets. And we’re transforming cold storage with built-to-suit customization, automation expertise and supply chain engineering across a variety of warehousing needs

Warehouse Solutions

Explore our diversified suite of cold storage solutions

Cold Storage Warehousing

Our network of sophisticated, strategically located cold storage facilities is built to protect the integrity of your products and your brand.

Port-Centric Warehousing

Lineage is your gateway to the global market. Our port operations help you connect to your customers all over the world.

Automated package line at a Lineage warehouse facility.
Automated Warehousing

Next-generation technology, applied sciences and innovative thinking deliver greater efficiency and future-ready supply chain solutions for our partners.

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Built-to-Suit Warehousing

How can we serve you best? We'll tap into our full range of customized storage and warehousing solutions to drive better results for your business.

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Fresh & Perishable Solutions

With dedicated fresh facilities, Lineage is your global partner to import, store and transport your fresh products.

Lineage warehouse facility with array of solar panels.
Sustainable Warehousing

Can you carefully store food and care about the planet? Together we can. Our fully automated warehousing uses a smaller footprint to handle more products.

Workers in a food processing facility carrying boxes
Food Processing & Manufacturing

We offer services in select facility locations to streamline manufacturing, processing and distribution of your product.

Supply Chain Engineering

Lineage can help you plan smarter and take your supply chain to the next level using cutting edge technology and advanced data analysis.

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Keep pace with a future-forward partner

When you choose Lineage, you get access to a world of possibilities.
Trusted Partner
Cold storage warehouses are crucial in the food journey, maintaining freshness and safety from farm to table through advanced technology and design.
March 19, 2024
By integrating warehouse management systems (WMS), machine learning capabilities and automated warehouse designs, Sybil helps pave the way for a…
July 19, 2023
Press // Business Development
Lineage announced the expansion of its network of automated facilities with a new cold storage warehouse in Hazleton, Pennsylvania under construction.
April 11, 2024