We make sure fresh is always in season


We make sure fresh is always in season

Partner with a global leader in temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics

Leveraging a team with 30+ years of fresh experience, 220+ port-centric locations and dedicated facilities with distinct produce temperature zones, Lineage Fresh is the supply chain partner you need to protect and deliver your precious perishables. On a truly global scale.


Value-added services and specialized capabilities

We take every precaution and provide a wide range of services to ensure produce moves quickly and carefully, with the goal of always preserving the good stuff.


We speak fresh around the globe

With our world-class facilities and specialty solutions, perishables are always in the right place at the right time.

Cranes and crates at Savannah warehouse
Savannah, Georgia

Public warehouse

225,000 square feet

6 rooms varying temperatures

9 deep water berths

Highest over-the-road container weight allowance in Southern US

In-terminal U.S. customs, border protection and USDA exams



Swedesboro, New Jersey

Public warehouse

120,000 square feet

12 independent storage rooms

4 scales

8 baggers

7,416 pallet positions

2 pre-cool rooms capable of handling 5 loads at a time

McAllen, Texas

Public warehouse

222,100 square feet

8-rooms cooler

Temperature range from 33 °F to 45 °F

20,665 TTL cooler positions

IQF packaging capability

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cool Port I intermodal and automated warehouse

368,550 cubic meters

3 separated expedition areas

22 cooling cells, 2 freezing cells - Mobile racking storage

Multi-modal hub

Juice blending, phytosanitary and quality control

Vlissingen, Netherlands

1,700,000 cubic meters

Bonded warehouse

Quality control / Banavac


Explore our strategic solutions

Customs Brokerage
Freight Forwarding

Efficiency that saves dollars and headaches. Export and import full container load cargo, without the run around.

port warehousing
Customs Brokerage

Expedite your import/export process. Use Lineage as your single-point provider to clear your products at any major U.S. port of entry—land, air or sea.

Truck being loaded

Import and export products supported by our fleet connecting domestic warehouse and ocean transportation networks.

Port-Centric Warehousing

Lineage is your gateway to the global market. Our port operations help you connect to your customers all over the world.


Trust Lineage’s team of trained professionals to keep your food supply chain free from infestation and maintain the highest level of quality.


Lineage cools your products to the required temperature faster, increasing shelf life and ensuring they arrive at their destination fresh and ready for your customers.

Cold Treatment Certification

Lineage is committed to the highest standards of food safety and handling, and is Cold Storage Certified.

Re-stack, Re-pack, & Bag

Streamline your food logistics and prevent damage by using Lineages re-stack, re-pack, and bagging services.

Recondition & Restyle

Ensure that the highest quality of your produce reaches your customers with Lineage’s restyling services.

Customs Bonded Facilities / CBP

Save time and money by using Lineage’s CBP-approved facilities, getting your products on the shelf faster.


Keep pace with a future-forward partner

When you choose Lineage, you get strategic outcomes for a world of possibilities.

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