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We’re here to help feed the world


We’re here to help feed the world

Transforming the global food supply chain

At Lineage, we play a vital role in protecting one the world’s most valuable resources — food. As the largest dynamic temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics company, we are reimagining the global food supply chain to fight food insecurity and eliminate waste at our facilities around the world.   

We partner with food and beverage companies to help make the cold chain more efficient, sustainable, reliable and, most importantly, to feed the world. We’re working with our customers to help feed communities in need and eliminate food waste. A more connected food chain is possible, and we’re living our purpose every day to make it happen. 

Collage of Lineage warehouses and a Lineage truck at port
Our work in feeding the world
Everyday, we are finding new ways to elevate the global food supply chain. See how we put food onto plates around the world in our What We Do video playlist.


"We are Lineage. We do more than what you might expect or thought possible. And by perfecting everything in the food supply chain, we help make your business unstoppable. We believe that we've become the new standard for the global cold chain."

Greg Lehmkuhl, President & Chief Executive Officer

A culture of continuous improvement

We are a trusted, innovative partner to our customers, connecting them to communities around the globe with efficient transportation solutions that preserve and protect their food. And we’re developing new technologies every day to help us do it all safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Interior photo of automated Lineage cold storage warehouse facility.
Delivering tomorrow’s cold chain today

We’re using data science and technology to develop patents that help solve the cold chain’s toughest problems.

Collage of space, earth, trees and a Lineage warehouse with solar panels
Building a more sustainable supply chain

We’re investing in renewable and alternative energy solutions to help reduce waste and protect our planet.

Woman in Lineage facility sorting oranges
Keeping food fresh from farm to fork

Food travels a long way before ending up on our plates, and Lineage is at every stop in its journey.

Man in Volunteer shirt living a box at a Foundation for Good event
Fighting food insecurity across the globe
We’re working alongside our customers and partners to fight food insecurity by connecting food producers to communities in need.

A worldwide leader in cold chain logistics

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Global Warehousing

Our network of sophisticated, strategically located cold storage facilities offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for protecting your temperature-controlled products.

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Global Integrated Solutions

Our end-to-end transportation services help streamline your business and move your products from point of origin all the way to the last mile.


Keep pace with a future-forward partner

When you choose Lineage, you get access to a world of possibilities.

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