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AT&T, are helping Lineage with new tech to improve food safety and reduce emissions

December 13, 2018

NOVI, MI - December 13, 2018 - Lineage Logistics (“Lineage”), a leading cold food storage operator, has teamed up with and AT&T IoT to help keep food safe, save energy and reduce carbon emissions as frozen food makes its way from farms to tables across America.

Freezing preserves food from the time it is prepared to the time it is eaten, but doing so requires a lot of electricity – especially in the cold storage facilities that keep meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables and other packaged foods cold during distribution.

To increase food storage capacity and improve energy efficiency at Lineage cold storage facilities, installed smart meters and about 1,000 sensors, connected by the AT&T Internet of Things, to better measure temperature and humidity. This wealth of data allows Lineage’s data science experts to identify when and where to make temperature adjustments, so Lineage facilities only use as much energy as they need.

“We collect energy and temperature data from across these warehouses. By using the platform and AT&T connectivity to get the whole picture, Lineage is able to tell a good kilowatt from a bad kilowatt and adjust the cooling equipment accordingly. This adds up to substantial savings where the cleanest watt is the watt not used,” said Jason Massey, CEO

Thanks to the AT&T IoT-enabled system, Lineage was able to reduce its electricity usage by 34% (per item stored) in 78 different warehouses nationwide. This system also helped avoid the equivalent of consuming 2.4 million gallons of gasoline in carbon emissions, significantly reducing Lineage’s annual energy spend and environmental footprint.