Automation is Optimizing Every Step of the Supply Chain

A Continuation of the Series: Automation Is

March 10, 2022

Supply chain visibility and efficiency are the new central tenants of our industry, and we’re committed to ensuring that every pallet and product in our facility network is accurately accounted for. Flexibility and resiliency are keys to optimizing the cold chain and can be achieved through the use of automation.

Using tech to keep up with demand.

Immersion in automation is a huge shift in our business model that requires long-term planning and a serious investment of time, engineering design, systems engineering and data analysis. The years spent modifying and refining our operations has allowed us to keep up with a supply chain that’s moving faster than ever, and to partner with our customers to keep up with ever-increasing demand.

Traditionally, the process of checking for damaged food has never been an exact science. As our network continues to expand and the pace at which food moves through warehouses continues to increase, keeping comprehensive details on every single item of inventory becomes a critical focus.