Automation is Using Software to Transform the Cold Chain

A Continuation of the Series: Automation Is

March 24, 2022

Everyone who has used home computers and cell phones is familiar with technology becoming obsolete. A consumer will buy a smartphone and a year later, technological advances render a relatively new phone inadequate. The same principles often apply to the world of automation.  By making software the soul of automation, businesses can stay agile in a constantly and rapidly evolving landscape.

Every company in our industry owns hardware. Applying the right software mix is the game-changer. The hardware, freezers, cranes, racks and forklifts of a cold chain warehouse will last when properly maintained, but innovative software maximizes the throughput and flexibility of the equipment. Emphasizing software development and integration allows our business to adapt and adjust for expansion as new customer demands or products are introduced into the system. In the past, warehousing focused on the quality of hardware. Today, emphasis should equally focus on developing the software that programs and guides automated functions.