Lineage drivers are the essential team members holding the supply chain together and this Driver Appreciation Week, we thank you.

Celebrating the Heartbeat of the Global Food Supply Chain During Driver Appreciation Week

September 12, 2023

The unsung heroes of the global food supply chain—truck drivers—tirelessly work behind the scenes and over the roads, ensuring goods arrive fresh, safe and on time around the world. Throughout Driver Appreciation Week, Lineage pauses to reflect and acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our drivers and of drivers everywhere. These exceptional individuals are the very backbone of our mission to feed the world, and without them, the supply chain would break down. 

Sergio Gomez is one of the crucial links in the supply chain as a driver for Lineage.Meet Sergio, Kaylon and Dori - three unique stories behind the drivers that keep Lineage moving around the world. 

Sergio Gomez 

Sergio's journey, based in Washington state, is one of consistency, growth and dedication. Beginning his work with Lineage in 2015, he has since become the epitome of reliability. His perspective offers a holistic view of the industry, stating that drivers ensure a seamless "farm to table" food experience, acting as the bridge that connects producers with consumers. But it's not just about his hands-on driving expertise. His extraordinary safety record—zero accidents in almost 8 years—is a testament to his professionalism and commitment to Lineage’s most sacred value: Safe. His journey continues to evolve; from being a seasoned driver to taking up the mantle of mentor and backup supervisor, Sergio's progression is an impeccable reflection of Lineage’s belief in professional growth and personal empowerment for all our team members. 

Dori Alcaraz 

Dori Alcaraz is one of the crucial links in the supply chain as a shunter for Lineage.From the vibrant landscapes of Spain, we introduce Dori Alcaraz, whose unique role offers a window into the intricate layers of logistics and transportation. Dori began her journey in transportation over 16 years ago. While she only recently became part of the Lineage family through one of our legacy companies, Grupo Fuentes, her dedication and experiences make her a pivotal member of our team. She believes that drivers, above all, are the most visible figures in the entire supply chain. Their presence on the road serves as a behind-the-scenes look at how food reaches our plates. Within the vast transportation ecosystem, Dori has a specialized role as a shunter. Shunting involves the movement of truck trailers to predetermined locations within the yard. This position requires her to streamline the process of loading and unloading trucks, ensuring that her fellow drivers can stick to their tight schedules. The art of shunting is no minor task—it requires a keen eye for safety, efficiency and the ability to navigate the particularities of each loading site. By ensuring trailers are in the right position to be loaded effectively and securely, Dori plays an indispensable role in streamlining the process while reducing risks. 

Kaylon Seals 

Based out of the state of Georgia, Kaylon began her transportation story nearly 5 years ago; drawn by the allure of the open road and the urge to challenge herself. One notable chapter along her professional driving journey was her switch from dry vans to refrigerated trailers. This transition wasn't just about hauling a different type of trailer, it presented another realm for her to learn. Kaylon didn’t flinch when taking on this new challenge. Kaylon Seals, one of the drivers at Lineage, is an essential link in the supply chain.She dove in headfirst, mastering the operation and maintenance of these trailers with helpful guidance from her leaders and peers. Kaylon’s quest for knowledge in the transportation world underscores the importance of a supportive work environment. With Lineage, Kaylon didn’t just find employment, she discovered a place where learning, camaraderie and purpose come together. In her words, the One Lineage Family has become an extension of her family, a sentiment many of our drivers share. 

Celebrating Drivers This Week and Every Week 

The narratives of Sergio, Kaylon and Dori mirror the larger story of Lineage—of dedication, professional development and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As they traverse highways, navigate adverse weather and manage busy routes, drivers ensure that every package reaches its destination safely. 

Their roles expand beyond driving. They are mentors, friends, problem solvers and the very heartbeat of the global supply chain. This Driver Appreciation Week, we show gratitude by pausing to listen, to share and to offer gratitude. To Sergio, Kaylon, Dori and all the drivers around the world, this week is for you. Thank you for being our compass, steering us towards excellence.

For information on how you can join the essential team of drivers at Lineage, visit our careers page today!