In honor of Earth Day, Lineage Logistics is taking on food waste with donations to two nonprofit organizations who are working to reduce food waste and improve sustainability in the food supply chain.

Taking Action on Earth Day: Lineage Announces Donations to Help Eliminate Waste

April 22, 2023

In honor of Earth Day, Lineage and the Lineage Foundation for Good are proud to announce donations of $50,000 to ReFed and $10,000 to Make Food Not Waste to realize our purpose – to eliminate waste and help feed the world.

In 2021, we signed The Climate Pledge to further our commitment of promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. Since signing, we’ve been hard at work ensuring our operations are contributing to a more sustainable food supply chain and helping to eliminate food waste; part of that is aligning ourselves with organizations with similar philosophies and aspirations. Food waste is a critical issue, with nearly 40% of food in the US and 33% of food in the world going to waste each year. This waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and water waste, among other environmental problems. Our donations to ReFed and Make Food Not Waste will support the important work of these organizations in reducing food waste and creating a more sustainable and equitable food system.

ReFed is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on reducing food waste and improving sustainability in the food industry. They use data-driven approaches to develop and promote innovative solutions that tackle food waste at every level of the food supply chain. Their work is informed by extensive research and analysis, which they use to develop powerful tools and resources that help businesses, policymakers and advocates take action against food waste. Since its founding in 2015, ReFed has been a leader in the fight against food waste, and their efforts have made a real difference in reducing the environmental impact of the food industry.

Make Food Not Waste is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to decreasing food waste and advocating for environmental responsibility within the food sector. Based in Southeast Michigan, near our global headquarters, they work with local restaurants and businesses to develop and promote innovative solutions to tackle food waste at the source. They believe that everyone has a role to play in reducing food waste, and they work to empower individuals, businesses and communities to take action. Their work is grounded in education, food upcycling and advocacy. Make Food Not Waste provides resources and training to help businesses and individuals reduce waste, and they work to create lasting solutions that promote sustainability and equity throughout the food system.

Lineage and the Lineage Foundation for Good are proud to support and partner with organizations that represent our ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of food waste. Together, we can create a more sustainable and equitable food system for all. Visit our website or email if you’re interested in doing good together.