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International Women's Day at Lineage

An article by Angela Montville, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

March 08, 2022

Today, I had the pleasure of opening the session for two amazing female leaders, Ursula Burns, Founding Partner of Integrum Holdings, Retired Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation and VEON, Ltd, and Michelle Domas, Senior Vice President, Treasury & Tax, Executive Sponsor, Women in Lineage Logistics Employee Resource Group (WILL ERG) engage in a fireside chat in recognition of International Women’s Day.

I watched Michelle lead the conversation with such precision and grace in the formation and timing of her questions. She was masterfully prepared this morning to interact with our honored guest. I watched two female leaders bring their different styles to promote a meaningful and impactful dialogue to not just the female team members in attendance but all of our Lineage team members. Ms. Burns’ wisdom and insight touched upon such topics as navigating Corporate America, the importance of understanding the value of and difference between mentorship and sponsorship, the business imperative of investing in, advocating for and then actioning commitment to diversity at all levels of an organization.

In addition to sharing her brilliance as it related to her stellar career, Ms. Burns shared anecdotes about her mother, who was the beacon in showing her what a strong, smart and resourceful woman looked like. She shared how she relies upon a diverse village today, made of women and men, who do and don’t look like her to stay grounded in a blanketed security of trust and emotional safety.

I could go on and on regarding this awe-inspiring session today. She was, they were fantastic! For those who understand the statement, "My spirit was filled today."

I’ll end with two statements that resonated with me most. She shared how she’s been lucky throughout her entire life but not the luck that is represented by whim or chance but understanding that luck is when opportunity and preparedness come together, so work hard to be prepared. Lastly, don't miss great mentors by always looking upward for a title, instead look all around you for mentors, who can help you thrive where you are and guide you when its time to be lifted to what's next.

Everyday to me is a great day to be a woman but today was a particularly, great day to be one in celebration of IWD. My thanks to the WILL ERG and all the women at Lineage who show up everyday to live our values.