Lineage Marks Milestone in Europe with Kloosterboer Acquisition

An article by Harld Peters, Senior Vice President, Europe

October 08, 2021

Earlier this week, Lineage announced that Kloosterboer, a family-owned cold-storage logistics solutions provider and leader in sustainability and innovation, is officially joining the One Lineage family, marking an important milestone in our European growth journey. Reinforcing our operations in the Netherlands and introducing our first cold-storage facilities in France and Germany, this acquisition further strengthens our position as a trusted provider of reliable services in the food supply chain within Europe and around the globe.

Together, we can better serve our customers’ end-to-end supply chains on a global scale unlike ever before. Lineage already has a diversified European footprint, with facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Poland and Spain. With Kloosterboer, we can add France and Germany to that list. Beyond Europe, the deal also sees Lineage expanding our Canadian footprint and taking our first steps into the South African market. And, in the Netherlands, our operations complement each other by bringing together Lineage’s strong existing presence inland and Kloosterboer’s strong representation within the country’s ports. Combined, we give our customers access to new markets around the world.

And the deal, in addition to extending Lineage’s global network, presents tremendous opportunities to advance sustainability within the European food supply chain. Both Kloosterboer and Lineage see the pressing need to lead the cold chain in sustainability and innovation. Kloosterboer is already making good use of renewable energy to power its warehouses in the region, and Lineage is equally focused on finding innovative solutions to reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and increase the efficiency of our warehouses. We view the combination of these two approaches to reduce our environmental impact as good business that is also good for the world. The importance of these efforts has been made even more clear over these past months as so many of us in Europe have observed soaring prices for electricity.

Further, Kloosterboer’s entrepreneurial company culture is a natural fit for Lineage and will make the company a seamless addition to the One Lineage family. At Lineage, our team members are passionate about what we do and driven to make a positive impact on the business and on the world, and we see that passion reflected in the Kloosterboer team.

Our team sees their work as about more than simply collecting a paycheck—it is about living our purpose to transform the food supply chain to eliminate waste and help feed the world. We understand and appreciate the essential role we play in ensuring our communities have the safe, quality food on which they depend.

The acquisition of Kloosterboer will only strengthen our ability to live our purpose and make an impact here in Europe. On behalf of Lineage’s team here in Europe and around the globe, I would like to offer the Kloosterboer team a warm welcome to the One Lineage family.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what we will achieve together in the months and years ahead.