Lineage's Facility Energy Evaluations are a culture-shifting endeavor by Lineage to empower our facility maintenance teams to make incremental improvements to the overall energy efficiency of our facilities.

Lineage's Path to Net-Zero: Empowering Facilities with Energy Efficiency

December 06, 2023

Introducing Lineage's Facility Energy Evaluation: A transformative guide that paves the way for a sustainable culture of energy efficiency in our facilities. With rising global awareness on energy conservation and Lineage’s own commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, it is imperative to us that our facilities aren’t just optimized, but that they’re continuously improving their energy efficiencies. Our comprehensive evaluation ensures exactly that. At its core, Facility Energy Evaluations are an immersive coaching session, where our team of seasoned energy experts collaborates with on-site energy and maintenance teams, arming them with actionable insights and strategies to fine-tune their site’s energy performance. Beyond just technical adjustments, this guide acts as the foundation of a cultural shift, emphasizing how every team member can contribute to a more energy-conscious environment. The results? Well, they speak for themselves.

Dive into this flowable PDF to uncover how Lineage is redefining energy efficiency, one facility at a time.