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From Philosophy to Practice: Safety is Sustainment at Lineage

June 28, 2023

As a renowned leader in temperature-controlled logistics, Lineage reputation for our team’s unwavering commitment to safety. One team that stands out for its outstanding culture of safety within Lineage is our Calgary – Great Plains site. 

Lineage Great Plains: A Safety Culture to Emulate 

Nestled within Lineage's vast network, the Great Plains site in Calgary has made a name for itself as a safety leader. Under the leadership of General Manager, Wade Rogers, this site has nurtured a robust safety culture that permeates every facet of its operations. By fostering open communication, encouraging team member involvement and emphasizing continuous improvement, the Great Plains site has become a beacon of sustainable safety excellence within the Lineage network. 

Empowering Team Member Engagement 

Central to the success of the Great Plains site's safety philosophy is a high level of team member engagement and empowerment. Rogers recognizes that safety is a shared responsibility and encourages each member of the team to take ownership of their well-being and that of their colleagues. By involving everyone in decision-making processes and recognizing their contributions, the site instills a sense of ownership and nurtures a strong safety-conscious mindset.  

A Culture of Continuous Improvement 

Further, the shared pursuit of safety excellence goes hand-in-hand with the team’s commitment to continuous improvement. GM Wade Rogers instills in his team the importance of actively seeking out opportunities to enhance safety across facility processes.  

Through regular toolbox meetings where team members exchange ideas and concerns, the site fosters collaboration and empowers team members to contribute to a shared effort to develop the soundest safety processes and procedures possible. This collective commitment is key to creating a resilient and sustainable safety culture. 

Sustaining Safety with Remarkable Results 

The Great Plains site sets a remarkable standard for safety, boasting an impeccable Total Incident Rate (TIR) of 0.00 in 2022 and 2021. As with many Lineage facilities, the Great Plains site has gone 1564 days without a lost time injury, covering approximately 560,000 labor hours and counting. Their record speaks volumes about their unwavering dedication to safety.  

This commitment extends beyond their site, inspiring others across the Lineage network to prioritize safety as a foundational element of success. With a sustainable safety culture that is further reflected in an impressive team member turnover of just 1%, Lineage’s Great Plains site continues to thrive by ensuring the well-being and empowerment of their team members.  

A Safety Culture Built Brick by Brick 

At the core of this safety philosophy is a leader who cares. With his open-door policy and sincere concern for the well-being of his team, GM Wade Rogers creates an environment where team members feel empowered to voice safety concerns and offer ideas for how to do things better Even going so far as setting his office up at the dock level, Rogers sets an example of accessibility, approachability and servant leadership, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing a culture of safety and collaboration.  

And it takes the whole team to truly build a culture of safety. Rogers will be the first one to tell you his team’s safety culture wasn’t built in a day, nor was it built only by him. Rather, it was built over time, brick by brick, and it takes every single team member continuing to do the work day-in and day-out to sustain it. 

Safety is Sustainment: a Lineage Principle 

At Lineage, we firmly believe that safety is not merely a goal to achieve but a principle to sustain.  By seamlessly integrating safety into their daily operations, teams like Great Plains ensure this principle is an intrinsic part of their site’s DNA. It transcends mere compliance, transforming into a sustainable culture that safeguards team members, customer products and the wider community. 

The Great Plains site, exemplifies Lineage's crucial principle, "Safety is Sustainment." By fostering a culture that values continuous improvement, engagement and empowerment, the site has established itself as a leader in safety excellence. As Lineage continues to grow and evolve, we look to sites like Great Plans to help us pave the way for a safer future throughout the industry that ensures all team members return home safely at the end of the day.