Woman receiving a Lineage Award

Recognizing Our Team and Celebrating Wins is an Essential Part of Lineage's Culture

February 09, 2021

The essential work Lineage team members do every day is more than worthy of recognition. While helping Lineage succeed as a business, our team helps to feed their communities and the world each day they come in to work.

At Lineage, we know our entire team plays a critical role in the food supply chain, but we also strive to honor the actions and successes of both individuals and teams across the organization through the Lineage Recognition Program. Here are a few key aspects of the program:

Value Cards

Thank You CardValue Cards form the foundation of recognition at Lineage. We use Value Cards to provide on-the-spot recognition to members of our team who exemplify one or more of the company’s six core values—Safe, Trust, Respect, Innovation, Bold and Servant Leadership.

Leaders and team members alike are empowered to give out handwritten or digital Value Cards to provide positive feedback to team members for bringing our values to life through their day-to-day actions.

X-Factor Awards

x-factor award logoThe X-Factor Awards program celebrates and honors team members who go the extra mile to live our values and drive results for our team and our customers. What’s more, the program empowers all team members to get involved in the process—opening up the nomination process to all team members. Anyone in the company can nominate anyone else for an X-Factor Award.

Nominees are reviewed on a monthly or quarterly basis by functional and regional leaders—with award winners announced to the whole company via a company email, digital signs and local celebrations. Award winners earn a stylish, X-Factor jacket and patch. They also become eligible for the Annual X-Factor and CEO Awards.

Since the program launched in the beginning of 2020, over 200 Lineage team members have earned X-Factor Awards for their contributions. And with an awesome team like ours—new nominations are rolling in every day!

Annual Awards

Strategic Cascade PyramidIn addition to the Value Cards and X-Factor Awards, which are distributed throughout the year, Lineage also has a set of annual awards for sites, teams and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the company’s success.

Awards are distributed each year during the Q1 Strategic Cascade leadership meeting. Annual awards include:

  • Outstanding Safety Performance — this award is given to Lineage teams that lived our #1 value of Safe in a major way—these teams had the best safety metrics and have leaders who drive a culture of excellence in safety.
  • Breakthrough Performance — this award is given to facilities that exceeded expectations, experienced a huge turnaround from prior year and/or delivered an outstanding financial performance in the face of a strong headwind.
  • Outstanding Project Team Performance — this award recognizes teams across the Company that completed a strategic project that was instrumental to strengthening Lineage’s foundation or enabled significant progress in our operations.
  • Commitment to Customer — this award recognizes teams and individuals who go above and beyond for their customer and, as a result, achieved exemplary levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Best New Business — this award is given to an impactful piece of business that creates additional opportunities to grow our relationship with a key customer.
  • Annual X-Factor Awards — this award is given to a select few from among the previous year’s X-Factor award winners. Team members whose contributions rise to this impressive level receive an honorary trophy and become eligible for selection to the lucrative CEO Award.

In addition to companywide acknowledgment, annual award winners enjoy trophies and banners to hang in their facilities.

CEO Awards

The CEO Award represents the best-of-the-best from among Lineage’s Annual X-Factor winners. This elite group of individuals are hand-selected by Lineage’s President & CEO to enjoy prizes valued at over $20,000 USD to help them take the vacation of their dreams.


At Lineage, we are proud to celebrate and honor our team members for their outstanding contributions to the business and to the world. Keep up the great work, Team Lineage!