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Transportation Solutions that Move our Customers Forward

An article by Greg Bryan, Executive Vice President

September 16, 2020

This week in the U.S., we are honoring the 3.5 million professional men and women who not only deliver nearly every resource we need safely (and on time) but also keep our highways safe. That’s right, it’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

At Lineage, we are acutely aware of the critical role truck drivers play in our daily life – particularly during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we so heavily depended on them for the safe and speedy transport of quality food to grocery stores and food banks nationwide.

No doubt about it, truck drivers are a critical link in how food moves. Today, I’m digging into how Lineage works hand in hand with these dedicated drivers to fuel the food supply chain.

Charting new journeys from farm to fork.

When most people look down at their dinner plates, they see only the food they are about to enjoy – but we see much more. We see the miles and miles it takes for our customers to get their food to tables everywhere. That’s why I’m proud to lead a team of talented individuals who build creative transportation and logistics solutions to help customers do it better than ever before.

One supplier. More solutions.

In today’s competitive marketplace, a streamlined supply chain is critical. To help move products faster and more efficiently, customers of every size can benefit from a one-stop source for transportation, logistical services and access to the world’s leading temperature- controlled storage network. We leverage Lineage’s scale to handle the blocking and tackling our customers need today, while providing the innovation and generations of industry experience to optimize their supply chains for tomorrow.

Flexibility meets visibility.

Right now, food growers and producers are being forced to adjust to evolving demands from consumers and retailers – which means being able to adapt on the fly is more important than ever. From quickly filling last-minute shipping requests to being able to monitor products from origin to destination, Lineage gives our customers 24/7 on-demand freight coverage to meet their truckload transportation needs. With expertise in freight consolidation, we help customers avoid the high cost of less-than-full trucks and achieve faster/consistent delivery times.

Experience that works around the country and across the world.

When it comes to transportation and logistics, there’s a promise we make to customers every day: We got it. At every link from origin to destination, Lineage can take the wheel and design seamless and efficient supply chains that help our customers avoid headaches and focus on their core businesses. From domestic regulations to the complex and ever-changing import/export regulations, we will keep your products moving. 

A difference at every mile. Even the last one.

To better serve America’s foodservice community, Lineage recently acquired the last-mile food service distribution assets of Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc. This new division, which encompasses a warehousing and transportation network across seven states, further streamlines our customers’ journey from farm to fork by delivering their product to its final destination as quickly as possible. We are thrilled to welcome this dynamic team to the Lineage family!

From A to B, Lineage puts customers ahead.

No matter what fresh or frozen product, no matter where or when it has to go, our experience and approach to transportation and logistics is an asset that drives success for our customers. Lineage has the data, the knowledge and the team to better optimize the movement of products across the globe and to build better, stronger supply chains. Anytime, anywhere, customers can depend on Lineage to get their products where they need to be safely, efficiently and on time.