One of the best ways to get the most out of your transportation strategies is with real-time data modeling with software like Lineage Link to ensure you're staying up to date on everything that's happening to your products throughout the journey.
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Use Data Modeling for a More Connected Cold Chain

Managing Complexity for Maximum Value: Getting more value out of your supply chain

April 06, 2023

We’re back with our transportation strategy series, Managing Complexity for Maximum Value, where we provide you with strategies for optimizing your supply chain. In the previous weeks, we discussed strategies like diversifying your network with a mix of transportation modes and adding rail to the transportation mix to help manage complexity and maximize value. This time, we're turning our focus to the critical role of data insights and the software we use to track and manage your supply chain in real-time.

One of the major beliefs that we hold here at Lineage is using data insights to maximize the value of temperature-controlled logistics for our customers. There’s no doubt that data science has become one of the most powerful tools for eliminating waste and streamlining the existing mix of storage and transportation. That’s why we’ve invested in an award-winning data science team that uses data insights at all levels of the supply chain. This enables us to model proposed improvements and make smarter supply chain decisions based on real-time data and analytics. Translation–data science builds a better, more efficient cold chain for our customers.

Lineage Link® – Connecting Customers to the Cold Chain of the Future

At Lineage, we leverage technology and data to build the cold chain of the future. With our supply chain management platform, Lineage Link®, we offer unparalleled visibility and control over the entire transportation network. This means that you can monitor, move, manage and collaborate across your entire cold chain with incredible ease and transparency.

One of the most significant benefits of data modeling is anticipation. Improved cold chain visibility allows our supply chain engineers to prevent common transportation headaches before they even occur. From driver shortages and rising fuel costs to lack of warehouse space or losing track of a shipment, Lineage’s real-time data makes it possible to diagnose and address problems quickly. This ensures your products reach customers on-time and cost-effectively.

Our data-driven approach to load matching brings major benefits to our customers. Pairing outbound loads with trucks already inbound to destination warehouses ensures our customers save time, money and resources every step of the way. Data-driven load matching optimizes capacity and reduces trucking costs while improving sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact of unnecessary trips and empty trucks.

Data insights also give us the unique ability to optimize routes for individual distribution vehicles. We consider everything from the type of vehicle and weight of the load to real-time weather, road and traffic conditions to determine the fastest and most cost-effective route from point A to point B. We’re using data to build the connected cold chain of the future.

Supply Chain Management Gives Our Customers the Control

Data modeling via Lineage Link gives Lineage Logistics customers unparalleled insights into every aspect of their cold chain, allowing them to get the most out of their transportation strategies.The impact of data science on the bottom line is significant. Through a combination of data science and supply chain engineering, Lineage can save customers on average 10–15% on their transportation costs. This not only results in cost savings but also increased efficiency and a more sustainable supply chain.

Lineage Link® lets you take control of your cold chain with one fully integrated supply chain management platform. Real-time data removes the guesswork and lets you manage your transportation network from start to finish. Lineage Link® offers customers unparalleled visibility to the supply chain with access to real-time data on inventory stock in the warehouse, where shipments are in transit and the minute-by-minute delivery statuses.

This platform seamlessly integrates data from your suppliers, products, inventory, carriers and customers. It enables you to monitor, move, manage and collaborate across your entire cold chain like never before. From viewing stock on hand by lot, pallet and item ID to tracking shipment events like arrivals and departures, Lineage Link® offers real-time visibility and actionable insights to improve your supply chain's efficiency.

Lineage Link® even offers customizable alerts for inventory, order and shipping activity, enabling you to anticipate and address problems before they occur. Our workbench allows you to assign tasks to your team members to improve workload visibility and stay on track. You can communicate directly with customers using our messenger and gain fresh insights with live reports and key metrics.

Unparalleled Visibility and Control

Lineage has made significant investments in data science to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of our cold chain logistics services. By leveraging our award-winning data science team and innovative supply chain management platform, Lineage Link®, we provide our customers with unparalleled visibility and control over their entire transportation network. Data-driven load matching, optimized routing and customizable alerts helps our customers reduce transportation costs, improve efficiency and build a more sustainable supply chain.

With Lineage Link®, customers can manage their cold chain logistics from start to finish and gain real-time insights to improve their supply chain's efficiency over time. As a result, Lineage is uniquely positioned to offer our customers the benefits of data insights for building a better, more efficient and sustainable supply chain.

Check in next time as we continue our transportation series with our next installment: Lower Last Mile Costs by Optimizing the Entire Supply Chain.