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Zeeland's ATZ project marks a successful milestone in autonomous container transport, enhancing efficiency from yard to quay with innovative…
April 04, 2024
Trusted Partner
Dive into the shrimp's complex journey from sea to table, and see how Lineage helps ensure its swift and safe arrival.
April 03, 2024
Press // Business Development
Lineage announced the strategic expansion of its warehousing network with a new site in Waddell, Arizona nearing completion. The new facility is…
March 28, 2024
Lineage revolutionizes the food supply chain with its automated Lineage Eye, tackling labeling challenges for improved efficiency and accuracy.
March 21, 2024
Trusted Partner
Cold storage warehouses are crucial in the food journey, maintaining freshness and safety from farm to table through advanced technology and design.
March 19, 2024
Lineage announced seven winners of its Carrier of the Year awards program, honoring key transportation service providers for their high-quality…
March 18, 2024
Lineage Eye helps transform cold chain logistics with innovative automation, boosting efficiency and addressing complex industry challenges.
March 12, 2024
Press // Business Development
Lineage expects to strengthen its Nordic network with groundbreaking of an expansion of Vejle facility in Denmark.
March 06, 2024
Lineage celebrates Women's History Month, highlighting the WIL ERG's role in promoting gender equality and diversity in the global food…
March 06, 2024